MicroMega One RECI

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One file for conservative canal preparations – the MicroMega One RECI

Mark Allen, General Manager at COLTENE introduces the MicroMega One RECI reciprocating file.

For efficient canal shaping, the MicroMega One RECI reciprocating file gives you:

• Cutting efficiency
• Safety
• Flexibility

Just one file is needed for conservative canal preparations. The One RECI’s innovative deisgn includes a patented cross section at the tip, which increases cutting efficiency and allows the file to be centred in the root. On the middle and coronal parts of the file, an s-shaped section faciliates efficient removal of debris.

MicroMega’s patented C.Wire heat treatment means the One RECI has greater flexibility and controlled memory, and it is more resistant to cyclical fatigue, meaning a greatly reduced risk of fracture. Thanks to its wire diameter of just 1mm, the One RECI supports the protection and preservation of the peri-apical area and dental hard tissue, also, because it’s a single-use tool, you have peace of mind regarding the risk of cross contamination.

When you recommend root canal therapy to your patients, they need to understand that you can deliver a stable and successful outcome that will get them out of pain. Whether you’re planning straightforward endo, or a more complex case, thanks to the MicroMega One RECI the patient will spend less time in the chair making this file a highly cost-effective choice for saving a tooth that might otherwise require extraction.

COLTENE is a worldwide dental specialist that manufactures tools and consumables for a range of treatment areas, including endodontics, restoration and infection control. As well as MicroMega, it is home to other renowned brands such as SciCan, Affinis, BioSonic and HyFlex. Our innovative, award-winning products will save you time and money which we describe as ‘upgrade dentistry’: meaning better quality, better reliability and better practice.

We pride ourselves on our customer service that is second to none, and we only want you to buy the stock you need to deliver the highest level of care. We will help you streamline your workflow, with hard-working materials that multitask, and tools that meet a broad range of treatment indications.

The COLTENE endo portfolio has been curated to give dentists everything they need for safe and successful treatments and retreatments. Amongst its superstars are the visonary CanalPro™ Jeni motor with its integrated apex locator, a digital revolution that works like a traffic navigation system to guide you smoothly through all the routes and obstacles of root canal therapy. Cutting-edge, but user-friendly, the Jeni is matched to four NiTi file systems and is also adapted for MicroMega files.

Also, the cost-efficient, flexible and ever-popular HyFlex™ EDM rotary file system, the fifth generation of root canal files, offers new properties thanks to a manufacturing process that uses electric discharge machining. The files have a conservative taper and high fracture resistance, so you can confidently prepare any root canals even those with severe curvature.

The series includes the 10/.05 Glidepath file; and for shaping the 25/~ OneFile and 20/.05 file. There are files for finishing plus the REMOVER file for nonsurgial retreatments. Also available from COLTENE are materials for irrigation, obturation and sealing.

Initiate predictable and stable root canal therapy with confidence; get in touch with the COLTENE team today to find out how you can experience the MicroMega One RECI.

For more information about the COLTENE endodontic portfolio, visit www.coltene.com email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 254 5115.