Make learning fun at The Dentistry Show 12 -13 May 2017 - NEC Birmingham

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The Dentistry Show 2017 organisers are dedicated to making learning fun for the whole dental team, here they explain how 

It is one thing to teach, another to learn, and the two do not always go hand-in-hand. Finding ways to facilitate learning is essential to ensure that people absorb what is taught and gain professional or personal growth from the experience.

Research has shown that by making learning fun, important benefits can be gained, so this is exactly what The Dentistry Show hopes to offer every member of the dental team in May 2017.

Much has been written about fun in the workplace to help engage employees and foster productive work cultures. It has been related to job satisfaction, emotional exhaustion and turnover intentions. Furthermore, fun has been linked to applicant attraction, job embeddedness, performance and employee retention. In the learning domain, the fun delivery of instruction has been shown to positively relate to learner engagement.

As early as the 1950s, scholars have argued that play leads to deeper, more effective learning. By creating a space for fun and interaction, an appropriate climate to promote creativity, communication and receptivity to new ideas is formed. Overall, the fundamental belief is that greater knowledge and skill acquisition will result when learners have more fun, are actively involved and enjoy the learning process.

Of course everyone’s perception of fun is different and not all individuals are necessarily open to it and, in fact, may even be resistant to it. Equally, individuals learn through different styles and techniques. However, what is important is that inherent in learning is the risk of making mistakes and appearing incompetent. According to Kahn’s theory of psychological engagement, for a person to engage in any given task, three requisite psychological conditions need to be present: safety, availability and meaningfulness. Safety relates to the security one feels to express themselves without negative repercussions, without this the individual will not make mistakes inherent in acquiring expertise. Availability refers to the possession of psychological and physical resources to devote toward task endeavours, providing energy to dedicate to learning. Finally, meaningfulness is associated with the importance of the endeavour and the perceived return for one’s investment in effort. Meaningfulness instils a belief that one’s effort towards learning new knowledge and skills will yield benefits.

To a degree, fun fosters communication and camaraderie, it allows individuals to become more open to exploration and making mistakes and less worried about protecting their image. When a humorous and a joyful approach to education is achieved, positive emotions are promoted which may facilitate better relationships and reduce anxiety for learning. A fun learning environment creates an atmosphere where friendly interactions without fear of negative repercussions are encouraged and individuals are not afraid to ask questions and seek expertise. Equally, fun helps build better relationships by putting people in greater and more frequent contact with one another, often in a non-task context.

Providing professionals with the opportunity to learn and develop within a fun environment can thus prove effective and there is no better place than The Dentistry Show 2017. With an array of exciting lectures and live demonstrations delivered in a relaxed environment by world-leading speakers, The Dentistry Show is an unmissable event for all dental professionals. Completely free to attend, it has become known for its buzzing atmosphere and diverse learning opportunities. Two-day lecture programmes are designed specifically for each member of the team, ensuring a relevant and informative experience, as well as verifiable CPD for all attendees. There are even additional theatres catering to the specialist disciplines, offering introductions to newcomers and exploring complex techniques and procedures for more experienced professionals. The busy trade floor with more than 400 exhibitors adds to the fun, with the latest and greatest innovations on display for all to discover. What’s more, this is the perfect platform from which to catch up with friends and colleagues, meet new suppliers and representatives, and expand professional networks.

Research has shown that by making learning fun, individuals can gain significant benefits, including gaining greater knowledge and skill acquisition. Make sure you book your free tickets for all the team to The Dentistry Show 2017 and enjoy the fun filled weekend while gaining valuable CPD training.

The Dentistry Show and DTS 2017 will be held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May at the NEC in Birmingham. For further details visit