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ADI Members’ National Forum 2017, hailed as a “Stimulating and educational day on dental implantology”

The Association of Dental Implantology’s (ADI) Members’ National Forum 2017 was hailed as a “stimulating” event for ADI members, which included lectures on such topics as ‘design your own dental implant’, in-house printing of surgical guides and full arch reconstruction.

An ADI spokesperson enthused: “The Forum provided a stimulating and educational event across all the latest aspects of dental implantology. With 24 lectures in two streams, there were high quality talks throughout the day, with something for everyone in attendance.

“Programme highlights included: Eimear O’Connell’s presentation about the role of digital dentistry in making the placement of a dental implant more predictable and less stressful, Catherine Drysdale’s talk about the oral rehabilitation of people with congenital and acquired orofacial deformities, and Avik Dandapat’s lecture on guided surgery, in which described how to plan a case and design a surgical guide.

“Two further notable presentations were Ian Lane’s retrospective study of full arch immediate loaded dental implant cases in which he highlighted the reasons for the high success rates, and Guy McLellan’s introduction of the Nazalus dental implant for full arch rehabilitation.”

Further opportunities to learn more were found in the exhibition, through which delegates could discover the latest in dental implant innovations.

Speaking of the Forum Eimear O’Connell concluded: “Events such as the ADI Members’ National Forum provide a great platform for face-to-face learning.”

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