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Key speakers at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show: Dr Richard Porter and Dr Tidu Mankoo

Dr Richard Porter (above) believes passionately in establishing a patient’s motives for seeking dental care. Dr Porter is a private practitioner and a Consultant in Restorative and Implant Dentistry at St. George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London. As a registered specialist in prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontology and restorative dentistry, Dr Porter has a wealth of experience across many areas of dentistry.

He will be sharing his expertise at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018, where he will be speaking in the BDA Theatre on Friday 18th May. His session, entitled “Ethical restorative strategies which empathise and manage the psychological and emotional motivations of the patient”, will look beyond clinical indications for treatment.

Dr Porter explained his thesis: “It is important to understand the emotions behind each and every patient’s request for treatment. Patients may enquire about cosmetic improvements, tooth replacement or improving function. The reasons for these requests may seem superficially obvious but the deeper motivations behind them may be highly emotive or unexpected.

“It is therefore vital – as part of consent and to provide the ‘right’ treatment to the desired level – that the real emotional wishes of each patient are understood.

“The main challenges that every dentist faces are managing time and money without compromising quality of care. Patient expectations are growing, and other pressures on dentists are increasing at the same time. On top of all that there is no, nor has there ever been, any fiscal reward for extra kindness or compassion. We therefore need to find a way of ensuring these things are not lost.”

During his lecture Dr Porter will explore the balance between perfect dentistry and ethical care. He will share an array of clinical case presentations to demonstrate the power of appearance and discuss how to determine the “right thing to do”.

He concludes: “Regardless of the bureaucracy introduced into dentists’ lives, whatever the level of regulation, whatever the pressures and whatever the media may say about the dental profession, the individual personal and professional relationship between a dentist and their patient is worth more.

“Taking the time and effort to get to know and understand your patient offers a depth of professional relationship immune to external pressures. Patients who believe that they have been listened to and understood offer loyalty and treatment outcomes are likely to be both more effective and better appreciated.”

Dr Tidu Mankoo: One approach does not fit all

Dr Tidu Mankoo (above) works in a private referral practice in Windsor. A globally recognised speaker he is highly experienced in aesthetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Speaking from the BDA Theatre on Saturday 19th May, Dr Mankoo will present “Contemporary management of complex aesthetic and restorative dilemmas using an interdisciplinary approach”.

He says: “Modern interdisciplinary dentistry involves the use of various skills, tools and equipment to treat complex clinical situations in the most effective and predictable way. In some cases, this approach can be fulfilled by a single practitioner, but in others only a team can provide the best possible care to the patient.

“At the end of the day, dentistry is all about trying to achieve the best outcome for the patient – this usually requires an interdisciplinary approach. Few problems can be solved using a single mode of dentistry. Periodontics, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and implantology often need to be combined to get the best clinical result.

“We are seeing a growing number of complex challenges, including patients who have failed implants, or significant destruction of tissue due to disease or trauma. Problems we see in patients today are often multi-factorial to begin with – many patients may present with periodontal disease, tooth wear and tooth loss – so to manage everything, we need several treatment options available to us.

“It has therefore become increasingly necessary to think outside the box to find an effective solution.”

Dr Mankoo continues: “Not all GDPs can perform every aspect of dentistry and they cannot be expected to. It is important to identify more challenging cases and to know when to refer a patient to a specialist. For example, I think periodontal cases can be challenging. Patients with advanced periodontal disease will often require some sort of restoration, but you need to treat underlying issues as well.

“The dentist must determine how to achieve the best outcome. It is also necessary to manage the patient – treatment is often long and complex, so you need to plan, coordinate and approach it systematically in a way that is predictable. In my lecture, I will highlight the need for a comprehensive and systematic approach to treatment planning and for careful patient management throughout the treatment journey.

I hope delegates will leave my session with a greater understanding of how they can improve the treatment they provide by utilising a multi-disciplinary approach. I hope they see how they could improve outcomes for patients who present with particularly challenging problems, by collaborating with a specialist and making treatment more predictable and simple.

“Ultimately, it’s never okay to tell a patient that nothing can be done for them. Even in the most complex situations, there are professionals out there who can offer a solution beyond your own remit, and it’s essential that we recognise this and work together to deliver the very best results for all our patients.”

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 will be held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May at the NEC in Birmingham, co-located with DTS.

For more details visit, call 020 7348 5270 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.