DSD and Invisalign: A New Era

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Dr Elaine Halley hosts DSD/Invisalign workshops at BACD Conference

In March 2018 Align Technology launched a collaboration with Digital Smile Design, a dental treatment concept founded by Dr Christian Coachman, and announced plans to leverage DSD`s technology in Invisalign`s digital treatment planning process for restorative treatments.

The DSD concept was developed from protocols honed to improve facial analysis, smile design integration, and interdisciplinary communication to ensure the patient’s new smile adds real value to their quality of life.

At the time of the launch Dr Coachman said: "Providing dentists with the ability to combine DSD's unique treatment and patient communications tools with Invisalign treatment planning is ideal for designing beautiful smiles."

He added "This collaboration will enable a systematic digital approach for diagnosis, communication, and treatment planning that is in line with the preferred facial balance. For us it is a great honour to undertake this collaboration with the best company on the market when it comes to aligners."

Welcoming a new era

To support this, and in cooperation with Align Technology, on 8th November Dr Elaine Halley ran two DSD-focused workshops during the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference in Kensington. Her workshops, entitled “Digital Smile Design: welcoming a new era for orthodontic and restorative workflow”, were packed to capacity.

Dr Halley said: “Prior to this cooperation, doctors like me had been superimposing facially designed smiles over their ClinCheck 3D animated treatment plans.

“There are no facial references in the software, which meant that while it worked for planning orthodontic treatments, it was not ideal for the restorative dentistry component of the plan.”

She continued: “This new and exciting collaboration should make the life of restorative dentists much more predictable, offering a less invasive approach while allowing them to set an ideal pre-restorative position.

“In practical terms, this means doctors will be able to do the digital design using DSD's aesthetic, facially-driven smile design protocols and then pass the file to Align Technology and combine with its Invisalign treatment planning in order to map out every component of the orthodontic and restorative treatment at the very beginning.

“This workflow incorporates tooth alignment with restorative techniques to design patient smiles by framing a customised digital treatment plan within the patient's facial photos for comprehensive interdisciplinary dental care.

“By doing so, dentists should achieve their ideal aesthetic and functional treatment goals, allowing them to improve pre-restorative tooth positions and/or tooth alignment prior to starting restorative treatment. All of this is incredibly positive.”

BACD Workshop

The objectives of the DSD/Align Technology workshops at the BACD event included:

• Educate doctors about interdisciplinary digital workflow and enable the best patient journey

• Provide hands-on experience with the iTero digital scanner and integration into the practice restorative workflow

• Gain a better understanding of the digital treatment planning process

• Practice facially-driven and interdisciplinary integrated teeth straightening

For more information about the day, visit https://bacd.com/dentists/digital-smile-design