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Fifteenth BACD Annual Conference proves: “Fantastic

The 2018 British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Conference provided a packed, three-day blend of lectures, exhibition space and hands-on workshops designed, said the organisers: “To inspire and educate delegates to the highest level."

A spokesperson said: “The sold-out event provided something of interest for every member of the dental team, covering a diverse array of topics and specialities; with leading experts keen to present their insights regarding the latest trends.”

One of the many highlights was a full-day lecture delivered by the distinguished keynote speaker, Dr John Kois, who had left his Seattle home to visit the UK for the first time in several years.

Dr Kois’ lecture on “Functional Occlusion: Current Challenges” was packed with delegates. During his talk about the essential role occlusion plays in the long-term success of restorative dentistry, Dr Kois considered the biological principles necessary for functional occlusion.

He presented new paradigms of occlusal dysfunction and force management of masticatory systems. His aim was to help delegates achieve more successful restorative outcomes by identifying when complex treatment is not necessary.

Dr Kois also used real-world analogies to spice his lecture, demonstrating how the latest digital technology could be used to help clinicians design the ideal occlusion.

Speaking of the BACD, Dr Kois said: “It’s important to focus on the details of restorative dentistry – it is not meant to be competitive but enables you to better yourself, which is a big tribute to everything the BACD has accomplished as an organisation. Aristotle famously said, ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all’, and it’s clear the BACD has a lot of heart.”

Dr Kois... “was amazing

Dr Kois’ lecture proved inspirational. Dr Gunilla Assmundson enthused: “John Kois was a brilliant speaker. I’m now exploring the courses he runs back in Seattle, so that I can jump on the bandwagon.”

Dental technician, Gavin King, added: “The quality of the speakers at this event have been very high, and it has been really great listening to speakers of John Kois’ calibre.”

“On the first day of the Conference, I completed workshops on composites and the Kois occlusal de-programmer – these sessions were excellent,” said Dr Nicola Ferris. “Overall, it has been great to attend lectures presented by international speakers. I’ve been particularly keen to hear Dr Kois. His lecture was very informative and I’ve been able to benefit massively as a result.”

Many delegates praised the Conference for enabling dental professionals to network, share knowledge, and explore the latest products and innovations, but Dr Kois was never far from their thoughts.

“I really liked the hands-on workshops – especially the one on composites, which was very good,” said Dr Mital Patel. “I joined the drinks reception on the first day of the Conference and that was also really enjoyable. As for Dr Kois’ full-day lecture, you couldn’t fault it – he was amazing.”

Dr Paulo Campos agreed: “Dr Kois’ lecture on occlusion is one of the best that I’ve attended.”

“It was a very insightful and inspiring Annual Conference, and I will definitely be attending again next year,” said Dr Aamor Vaghela.

And finally, Dr Amanda concluded: “I’ve been a BACD member for 14 years and I know everything good that’s happened to me within dentistry has been linked to the Academy. The Fifteenth Annual Conference was fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Academy again next year.”

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