Faculty of Dental Surgery: Mouth Cancer Action Month

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Faculty of Dental Surgery supports Mouth Cancer Action Month

Commenting on Mouth Cancer Action Month 2020, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Mr Matthew Garrett said: “The Faculty is keen to show its support for Mouth Cancer Action Month – an issue our members and fellows are no doubt too familiar with. A recent report by the Oral health Foundation shows that mouth cancer has increased by 58% in the last decade and by 97% compared with 20 years' ago.

“During Mouth Cancer Action Month, we are echoing the Oral Health Foundation’s message of ‘if in doubt, get checked out’. We encourage everybody to pay close attention to what is going on inside their mouth and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, to tell your dentist or doctor immediately. Look for non-healing mouth ulcers, red and white patches, and unusual lumps and swelling.

“Mouth cancer is often spotted in its early stages by dentists, and with early diagnosis, the chances of surviving mouth cancer are nine out of ten. However, that route to oral cancer diagnosis has been affected by the pandemic, as dentistry was only available to urgent and emergency cases from April to June.

“One large NHS trust reported a concerning 65% drop in referrals since lockdown began. With all patients now able to visit the dentist, we hope to see this change. It is crucial that dentistry remains open and well-resourced to ensure that as many mouth cancers are caught as early as possible.”