Invisalign UKI GDP Forum 2021: “Inspired Innovation”

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Invisalign UKI GDP Virtual Forum – DATE CHANGE 6th March 2021

During this year’s Invisalign UKI GDP Forum Align Technology will be hosting a line-up of speakers from both inside and outside the dental profession who the organisers say: “Will address the most pressing topics that have shaped the dental sector throughout 2020 and beyond – while encouraging dentists to explore insights into the latest technology and product innovations from Align Technology.”

A spokesperson said: “Collectively, the speakers will underline opportunities for general dentists to tap into the growing demand for Invisalign treatment, and embrace the digital advantages of the iTero system. Delegates will learn about the market for new patients in the COVID-19 environment, which has changed the dental landscape, and presented some new opportunities.”

The speakers include George Blankenship, a former Tesla, Apple and GAP Inc. executive, who, organisers say: “Will draw on the dynamism of market-leading consumer brands to advocate ways to influence positive change amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Talking about his presentation Blankenship said: “Like Apple, Tesla, Uber or Amazon, doctors can challenge what the industry has been doing for a hundred years and decide to have a different offering whilst incorporating the technology that is out there. What is certain is that when there is an opportunity, someone ends up leading and figuring out how to leverage it.

“This year throughout the healthcare industry, doctors have increasingly connected with their patients via phone and video calls and this is an opportunity to come up with a new way of thinking, moving forward. Dentists are busy all the time and it is about learning what to prioritise and putting patients first, with novel thinking and working smarter.”

A notable line-up of dental professionals from the UK and USA will be joined by John Morton, Align Director of Research and Technology for product innovation, who will not only describe how the collaboration between clinicians and the researchers at Align Technology has driven innovation over the last 24 years but also what they can expect next.

The speakers will advocate timely solutions to current issues which may prove challenging even to the most experienced dental professionals. They will challenge delegates to embrace change by demonstrating that with the right treatments, digital technologies and support, GPs can turn their practices into thriving businesses by creating new, beautiful smiles for their patients.

The Align spokesperson continued: “Delegates will be inspired to consider the end-to-end patient journey, evolve their treatment planning and up-skill to treat comprehensively. The GP Forum is an important piece in the jigsaw of this end-to-end programme of support.

Speaker Dr Marcos White agreed: “The pandemic has just reinforced how important digital technologies have become. I’m delighted to be speaking at the Invisalign UK GP Forum, discussing how the Invisalign system, iTero scanner and digital innovations have helped my business thrive during 2020. I hope that I can instil this thought in my peers, that thriving is better than just surviving.”

Dr David Galler, who will present ‘The Business of Invisalign’, adds: “I trained to use the Invisalign system in 2003 and have now treated over 2,000 patients and consulted on over 100,000 cases. When I started out the Invisalign system was the only clear aligner system. Over the years I have learnt to perfect the system and play with it.

“Once you understand the full capacity of the Invisalign system and the technology behind it, it would seem to be a poor clinical decision and not in the best interest of the patient for a practitioner to choose a second-tier product. The Invisalign system starts with the understanding of the SmartTrack material which is the industry gold standard.

“It is the most advanced plastic material out there. It is not hard to make plastic that fits over teeth and a lot of people do that, but to get the plastic to move the teeth efficiently and predictably is super valuable and super rare. That is what sets the Invisalign system apart from other competitors.

“There is so much technology and so many years of research and development into that SmartTrack material, that it really is the difference between success and failure.”

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