Dr Stéphane Reinhardt: Orthodontics

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Dr Stéphane Reinhardt: Using orthodontics for better restoration outcomes

Dr Stéphane Reinhardt and Dr Karla Soto will be presenting a session at this year’s BACD Annual Conference. As Director of Education of the C.L.E.A.R. Institute, Dr Reinhardt has years of experience harnessing the powers of clear aligners. Here he explains why he thinks moving teeth is so important and how utilising clear aligners can make all the difference to dental restoration.

Alignment of the teeth can be beneficial prior to other types of procedures, such as implant placement or minimal-prep crowns. There are also training programmes and appliances designed for general dental practitioners (GDPs) interested in treating milder cases.

These, combined with modern digital technologies, mean that orthodontics is now something that can be utilised by dentists across the board – opening the door to better aesthetics, easier treatment and more reliable outcomes for patients.

Imagine if our teeth were made of soft wax instead of enamel and dentine and could easily be manipulated and moved with our fingers and thumbs. How many times would you move the teeth before doing anything else? How often would you incorporate this step into your treatment planning to help facilitate better outcomes?

It would be absolutely incredible, and so useful in a number of cases where the position of the dentition can hinder the treatment we’re trying to perform. Okay, we may not be able to move teeth using just our thumbs, but with modern day technologies, repositioning teeth is a lot more accessible than we think.

Yes, any tooth movement is orthodontics, which can often put GDPs off from exploring solutions such as Invisalign clear aligners, as we’ve always been told that orthodontics is a complicated part of dentistry and that we need to dedicate our whole lives to training in order to become suitably proficient.

This really isn’t the case anymore.

Digital orthodontics and the use of clear aligners has changed the life of patients across the globe. In my session with Dr Karla Soto, I really want to demonstrate to my audience the benefits of using Invisalign clear aligner solutions, and show how they can go that extra mile towards ensuring outstanding cosmetic treatment.

I want to stretch the legs of what Invisalign can do – or, even better – what we can do with Invisalign. Those who attend the session will learn how to use clear aligners in a more dynamic way, not just for simple orthodontic cases but also in a more holistic treatment plan for better, more predictable outcomes.

Ultimately, what we need to remember is that smiles have never been as important to people as they are now, there’s never been a better time to be a dentist and there’s no better place to be than “on the shoulders of giants”. Don’t miss out – make sure you register to attend the BACD Annual Conference. See you there.

BACD 18th Annual Conference 2022
On the Shoulders of Giants
10-12 November
ICC Wales, Newport

Go to www.bacd.com for details and to register