NobelProcera 2G scanner delivers superior diagnostics & treatment planning

Restoration and Implantology
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The intuitive NobelProcera 2G scanner utilises advanced technology to deliver highly accurate scans for superior diagnostics and treatment planning.

It is also designed to streamline and simplify workflows, enabling dental labs to produce outstanding restorations in less time.

The new NobelDesign enables users to make even more NobelProcera restorations, incorporating exocad CAD technology for quick and easy restoration design.

Time-saving virtual tooth setup and mirroring features, as well as a virtual articulator to optimise occlusal contact points, further streamlining the process and helping deliver an exceptional service to all practice partners.

What’s more, the exocad TruSmile technology improves visualisation of designs in photo-realistic rendering, so the tooth shape and fissure can be enhanced for even happier patients.

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