Discover the innovative On1 concept from Nobel Biocare

Restoration and Implantology
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For tissue-level implant restoration with maximal soft tissue preservation, discover the innovative On1 concept from Nobel Biocare.

The On1 system provides workflow flexibility while encouraging quality and longevity of implant treatment.

How does it work?

The unique On1 Base raises the restorative platform of the conical connection from bone level to tissue level. With two heights available to suit different soft tissue thicknesses, both short- and long-term esthetics are optimised.

Once placed, the On1 Base needn’t be moved again. Any more disturbance to the soft tissue is eliminated for optimised healing, reduced pain and faster treatment. The implant can still be restored with either screw- or cement-retained restorations, plus, specially designed healing caps support digital impression taking – so it’s business as usual for the restoring clinician to work in their preferred way.

The latest in a long line of clinically proven and globally popular implant solutions from Nobel Biocare, the On1 restorative concept is another opportunity for you to treat more patients better.