Ketac Universal from 3M oral Care

Restoration and Implantology
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Ketac Universal glass ionomer restorative from 3M Oral Care, for when time’s of the essence…

Time is often of the essence in dentistry – the challenge is to meet time restrictions without any compromise in the quality of a restoration.

Ketac Universal glass ionomer restorative from 3M Oral Care is designed to help you do just this. The material requires no layering or light curing for a simpler, faster process and reduced chair time for the patient.

The material also exhibits high compressive strength and wear resistance for restorations you can rely on.

Another benefit is the consistent release of fluoride over at least 12 months, helping to prevent recurrent caries – which are the most frequent cause for failure of dental restorations.

For quick restorations that don’t compromise quality, discover Ketac Universal restorative from 3M Oral Care.

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