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Restoration and Implantology
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The implant team at Ten Dental explains why it is the first choice for referrals, in its own words...

With the increasing demand for dental implants, the pressure on practitioners to provide first-rate implant treatments is mounting.

However, not all dental practices are equipped to provide implants – whether because of a lack of appropriate facilities or necessary training – and this puts practices at risk of losing business to competitors.

But Ten Dental, one of the UK’s most trusted implant clinics, has a fantastic solution.

By referring implant cases to the highly experienced team at Ten Dental, practitioners can provide their patients with the most advanced implant treatments from some of the country’s most respected implantologists.

Working closely with referring dentists, the Ten Dental team – led by Drs Nik Sisodia and Martin Wanendeya – provides a seamless service to patients to ensure they receive the treatments they want. And once the implant treatment has been completed, the patient will be referred back to their original practice for ongoing care – with continued support from the Ten Dental team.

Capable of dealing with even the most complex implant cases, Ten Dental is the perfect way for practitioners to offer their patients dental implants. If you’d prefer to refer for implant excellence contact the team today.

For more information visit www.tendental.com or call on 020 33932623