Restoration and Implantology
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Dr Conor Morgan says BRILLIANT Everglow® submicron composite from COLTENE provides “Brilliant results”

“The BRILLIANT EverGlow® submicron composite available from COLTENE has a fantastic brilliance and lustre! It blends beautifully with the tooth structure to create an aesthetic outcome that my patients have been delighted with.”

Dr Conor Morgan, a dentist with an MSc in Restorative Dentistry at Quadrant Dental Practice in Ayr, Scotland has been using BRILLIANT EverGlow® to create anterior restorations that are both functional and aesthetic.

“The polishability is particularly excellent; and is one of the best composites I have ever used in terms of final lustre and polish. It is no wonder my patients are over the moon with the results! I would definitely give the BRILLIANT EverGlow® 10/10.”

The BRILLIANT EverGlow® next generation universal composite uses an innovative mix of submicron barium glass fillers and pre-polymerised fillers for increased bonding strength, higher scratch resistance and longer gloss retention.

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