Trefoil™ system from Nobel Biocare

Restoration and Implantology
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Trefoil™ system from Nobel Biocare: A definitive fixed solution for edentulous patients

Want to offer a fixed solution for a wider variety of fully edentulous patients?

The Trefoil™ system from Nobel Biocare is the key to providing even more patients with a solution they can trust.

Using an innovative self adjusting fixation mechanism and just three implants, the Trefoil system has made fitting a pre-manufactured bar possible for the first time. This allows you to offer a long-lasting solution to patients who were unable to receive this type of treatment before.

The Trefoil system provides patients with benefits such as:

• A higher bite force
• Better retention and stability
• A better quality of life [1]

Furthermore, the Trefoil system also holds a number of benefits over removable prosthetic solutions. Patients won’t experience mucosal problems and wear to the components that often cause difficulties for those with removable dentures [2].

The combination of the pre-manufactured titanium bar, three implants, simplified workflow and smaller amount of restorative components leads to a faster time-to-teeth for patients. Now you can offer a solution that will return patients to a better standard of living, fast.

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1] Allen, P., McMillan, A. (2003). A Longitudinal Study of Quality of Life Outcomes in Older Adults Requesting Implant Prostheses and Complete Removable Dentures. Clin Oral Implants Res. Volume 14(2), pages 173-179.

2] Chung, S., McCullag,h A., Irinakis, T.(2011). Immediate Loading in the Maxillary Arch: Evidence-Based Guidelines to Improve Success Rates: A Review. Link: [Last accessed March18].