TBR Z1 Dental Implant

Restoration and Implantology
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TBR Z1 Dental Implant exclusive to Dental Express: “Astounding aesthetics”

Give your patients a smile to be proud of with the TBR Z1 implant.

Available exclusively from Dental Express (a trading division of Surgery Express LLP), the TBR Z1 implant has been specifically engineered to provide durable aesthetics for more predictable, long-lasting results.

The Z1 is the world’s only tissue-level implant that combines the biocompatibility of zirconia and titanium in one seamless component for excellent soft-tissue healing. Your patients will see and feel the difference with the sophisticated design of the Z1 implant, providing optimum support for the gingival tissue.

What’s more, the Z1 implant generates adhesion with the soft tissue, making the periodontium impervious to the bacterial attacks of periodontal pathogens – so your patients can trust in its reliability.

With a 98.6% success rate, the Z1 is the first-choice implant for more and more practitioners.

To find out more about the Z1 implant or the other products TBR has to offer, get in touch with their dedicated team.

For more information visit Dental Express at www.dental-express.co.uk, call 0800 707 6212 or learn more about the Z1 implant at http://z1implants.co.uk/  
See the full range of implants at http://dental.tbr-implants.com/en