On1 concept with ASC abutment from Nobel Biocare

Restoration and Implantology
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Dr Susan Tanner says the On1 concept with ASC abutment provides “Amazing” solutions

Dr Susan Tanner, specialist in prosthodontics, comments on the new On1 concept and the angulated screw channel (ASC) abutment from Nobel Biocare.

“At our practice, Dawood & Tanner, we have been successfully using the one-time connection Multi-unit Abutment for all bridgework for many years. The new On1 concept from Nobel Biocare is similarly brilliant; it makes the restorative phase simple for the restorative dentist and so comfortable for the patient.

“It also means we can have confidence that original Nobel Biocare components have been used at the fixture head, keeping the soft tissues safe in the long-term.

“When the angulation of the implant isn’t ideal, I find the ASC very useful. It facilitates screw-retained restorations which is my preferred option – never having to use cement near the fixture head. I think the ASC system is an amazing solution.”

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