TBR’s “revolutionary” Z1 dental implant

Restoration and Implantology
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Maximise chairtime with the Z1 dental implant from TBR

Ensure that you offer patients the highest quality dental implant treatment with a superior product unlike any other.

TBR’s revolutionary Z1 implant is one of the most advanced implant systems available on the market today. It is the world’s only tissue-level implant that combines the biocompatibility of both zirconia and titanium in one seamless component.

The titanium body of the Z1 has excellent osseointegrative properties, while the zirconia collar promotes better epithelial and connective healing in the soft tissues.

The zirconia collar also provides a unique protective shield around the implant, protecting both the crestal bone and gingiva. This significantly reduces the risk of patients developing peri-implantitis, thereby reducing the number of post-surgical interventions required to maintain the implant.

What’s more, the Z1 implant can be placed in one appointment, maximising vital chairtime that can be dedicated to developing your patient portfolio.

Achieve unmatched clinical outcomes with TBR’s Z1 dental implant system. Contact the exclusive suppliers at Dental Express to find out more.

For more information visit Dental Express at www.dental-express.co.uk, call 0800 707 6212 or learn more about the Z1 implant at http://z1implants.co.uk/ and the full range of implants at http://dental.tbr-implants.com/en/