Filtek Supreme XTE and Filtek One

Restoration and Implantology
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Monik Vasant on 3M Oral Care: “Products that stand above the rest

Monik Vasant, Principal of Fresh Dental in Bolton and London, shares his experience of some of the products he uses from 3M Oral Care.

“I’m a fan of the body shades available with the Filtek Supreme XTE restorative. The material also handles very nicely, is translucent enough to be used as a single layer and polishes very well.

“There are three or four composites out of the hundreds available in dentistry that stand above the rest, especially in terms of polish – Filtek Supreme XTE is certainly one of them.

“I also use the Filtek One bulk fill restorative. I like that it is heavily filled, unlike many other flowable bulk fills on the market, which provides enhanced physical properties for better posterior restorations.”

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