Omnichroma Shadeless Composite From Tokuyama

Restoration and Implantology
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New Omnichroma from Tokuyama: "Makes shade guides redundant!"

Up until now, in order to provide the optimum in aesthetic composite restorations it was necessary to spend a considerable amount of time taking an accurate shade match. And, to be honest, even then it was sometimes wrong when the patient got out of the chair!

Plus it was necessary to stock those rarely used shades, just in case. Shades that could go out of date before you had managed to use them all up.

Tokuyama, one of the world’s biggest and most innovative dental manufacturers, has eliminated the cost and inconvenience of both of these problems with the introduction of Omnichroma the world’s first shadeless composite.

Tokuyama’s shadeless Omnichroma combines patented “structural colour” pearl technology with its advanced resin expertise so that just one shadeless Omnichroma and Omnichroma Blocker is all you need to replace all 16 Vita shades of any other composite system.

This means that with Omnichroma there is no need to shade match ever again because just one pack saves the time and cost of on average 20 shade matches per syringe or pack of PLTs.

Whilst its white opaque uncured appearance makes it clearly visible when packing and carving it becomes invisible when cured, seamlessly blending into the natural tooth so that it out chameleons a chameleon.

Quick and easy to adapt into the cavity, like Tokuyama’s other leading composites, Estelite Sigma Quick and Asteria, it is extremely quick and easy to polish. Again saving valuable time.

But seeing is believing! Ask your local Trycare Representative for a demonstration of shadeless Omnichroma’s magic disappearing trick! Or visit Stand H69 at The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show!

For more information about the complete Tokuyama range, including Omnichroma, contact your local Trycare representative.

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