Stabilok Dentine Pins from Fairfax Dental

Restoration and Implantology
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Stabilok Dentine Pins: The reliable restorative option

If you’re after excellent mechanical retention in dentine for composite, amalgam or other core material when providing restorations, try Stabilok Dentine Pins, manufactured by Fairfax Dental Ltd in the UK.

Stabilok Dentine Pins have been used to retain and support cast restorations placed indirectly by retaining the restorative core material in extensively damaged teeth in operative dentistry for the last 45 years.

The Stabilok pins are self-threading and self-shearing, which are engineered to fit into contra-angle slow speed handpieces and to be placed easily into pre-drilled holes at 2mm depth. The strict placement depth of 2mm pins is governed by the Stabilok Twist Drill, significantly reducing the risk of fracture in dentine and making it a very cost-effective, easy and effective method for restoration.

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