Filtek Bulk Fill: Don’t Worry About Dispensing…

Restoration and Implantology
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Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative helps prevent bubble formation

In restorative procedures, accuracy is key. But don’t you find it frustrating when bubbles form in your composite or when you accidentally use too much?

3M Oral Care has created a solution by redesigning both the syringe and nozzle of its popular Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative.

This new design not only helps to prevent bubble formation [1] and material excess during application [2] but it also aids greater control during placement, ensuring that professionals have complete power over the restorative process.

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1] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Virtually no bubbles. Claim number 7642, 7647.

2] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Virtually no run-on. Claim number 7648

3M and Filtek are trademarks of the 3M Company.