Straumann BLX Implant System

Restoration and Implantology
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Straumann BLX implant system: Designed to optimise performance

The Straumann® BLX implant system has been designed to optimise outcomes in a wide range of clinical indications.

The innovative SLActive® surface promotes effective bone regeneration, even in compromised sites, enhancing predictability for highly successful immediate loading protocols and reducing healing time to 3-4 weeks in some cases.

These features are supported by the innovative Roxolid® material, which preserves the natural structures and boosts vascularisation.

Straumann ImmediaXy® takes immediacy to the next level by facilitating same-day restoration in a wide range of indications using a unique and comprehensive suite of solutions from dental data acquisition to restoration. To learn more, visit

For more information about the Straumann BLX implant system, visit