Award-Winning Ten Dental+Facial

Restoration and Implantology
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Ten Dental+Facial: A referral service unlike any other

Working conditions under the COVID-19 pandemic need not be an obstacle to providing first-class dentistry. By referring to Ten Dental+Facial, you can still offer patients the same outstanding range of treatments they have come to expect from you.

Distinguished by a referral service unlike any other, Ten Dental+Facial can treat both simple and complex cases – whether for general dentistry, specialist procedures or dental implants. Referred patients benefit from receiving the highest quality treatment, whilst you are kept fully updated throughout the process.

Patients are then returned to you with ongoing aftercare support provided by Ten Dental+Facial to ensure further peace-of-mind. Call the multi award-winning team for further details.

For more information, visit or call 020 33932623