New Straumann TLX Tissue Level Implant

Restoration and Implantology
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Ross Cutts’ first impressions of the new Straumann TLX tissue level implant

Ross Cutts, Principal of Cirencester Dental Practice, shares his first impressions of using the brand-new Straumann® TLX® dental implant in his first case.

“I place a lot of tissue level implants as my preferred solution in the non-aesthetic zone, using the Straumann BLX implants in the aesthetic region. The new TLX provides the same level of primary stability that the BLX affords, but with a tissue level connection and restorative interface.

“I like that the TLX is very similar in all other aspects. It features the same thread pitch design, which optimises the primary stability achieved, especially in posterior maxilla sites.

“Based on my first experience with the new implant, I really like the concept – it just makes sense to me.”

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