3M Scotchbond Universal Plus: Fighting Decay

Restoration and Implantology
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3M Scotchbond Universal Plus: Managing tooth decay in modern dentistry

At 3M Oral Care we know that decayed or caries-affected teeth provide challenges to oral treatment, especially if you want to take a minimally invasive approach. So, it makes sense to explore those available options that have been specifically developed to work well in a vast array of indications, including caries-affected dentine.

3M Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive is the perfect choice for dental professionals who want to address the results of tooth decay. Able to bond to caries-affected dentine just as effectively as it does to sound dentine, the adhesive also prevents secondary decay by creating a well-defined, void-free hybrid layer (3M internal data).

Professionals can restore with confidence and overcome a lot of the challenges that carious teeth provide. But is dental decay such a problem? Put simply, yes.

Tooth decay remains a serious issue in the UK. It’s thought that over half the UK population has one or more decayed or damaged teeth, and statistics in younger demographics are very concerning. Nearly three quarters of children aged 8-15 have signs of decay.

The pandemic has had a considerable impact on dentistry as a profession, especially on tooth decay levels in the UK population. It has been suggested that up to 84% of us now have an increased risk of caries.

The main factors that have contributed to this include lack of access to dental services during lockdown which has create a backlog with which practices are struggling to cope, and many people turned to unhealthier eating and drinking regimes, snacking on treats between meals and increased alcohol consumption.

And yet we’re told that the pandemic simply amplified a problem that already existed. Why should tooth decay be such a problem in the UK? Is it because our eating habits have changed faster than our bodies can cope?

Teeth are one of the most extraordinary features of the human body, evolved to meet the needs of a hunter gatherer’s omnivorous diet of meat, nuts, grains, fruit and vegetables – anything that could be captured or foraged. Just a few thousand years ago there was no question of popping down the shops for a loaf of bread, ease of access and increased choice has changed our diets drastically in a relatively short time.

Some sectors of the population are now consuming more than triple the recommended daily amount of sugar each day, a potential dental disaster needing professional care, but for many lack of access to dental services is not a recent problem. In 2019, it was revealed that over a million UK residents were unable to access care as a result of the recruitment and retention crisis in the dental profession.

Levels of tooth decay remain a significant concern in the UK, one which calls for the best materials to aid the dental team’s expertise. 3M Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive is just one of the market-leading restoration solutions in the 3M Oral Care portfolio that will help put a healthier, longer lasting smile on the nation’s face.

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