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Restoration and Implantology
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For reliable one-step cementation, SoloCem from COLTENE

SoloCem™ one-step cementation joins COLTENE’s restorative portfolio for smoother workflows and enduring predictable results, offering reliable values and excellent adhesion to dentine, enamel and other materials.

Nicolas Coomber, COLTENE's National Account & Marketing Manager, explains: “Combined with COLTENE’s One Coat 7 Universal bond SoloCem provides enhanced bonding for dentists who prefer a belt and braces approach to cementation.

“The added benefits of SoloCem lie in its simple and time-saving application – the automix syringe and ready-to-use mixing tips support efficiency with a beautiful simplicity that reduces the risk of potential errors that could affect not only the bond, but the overall quality of the entire restoration.

Other features include:
• Self-adhesive
• Dual Cure
• Fluorescent
• An intraoral processing time of approximately one minute
• Easy removal of excess after light curing for three seconds.

Nicolas continues: “SoloCem’s one step formulation was developed because COLTENE knows that secure cementation depends on the quality of the adhesive, not the number of working steps. Plus, its low shrinkage factor has a positive effect on the restoration’s durability and stability. In trials SoloCem performed better with lower shrinkage than two of its leading competitors.

“Thanks to its innovative formulation, containing monomers that enable bonding strength without the need for an additional adhesive, SoloCem provides permanent bonding for a number of indications:

• Crowns (ceramic, metal, composite)
• Bridges (ceramic, metal, composite)
• Inlays (ceramic, metal, composite)
• Onlays (ceramic, metal, composite)
• All types of endodontic posts
• Implant abutments (zirconium oxide and titanium).

“SoloCem also has antibacterial properties, thanks to the addition of zinc oxide. In addition, the material delivers radiopacity in all shades, Dentin, White Opaque and the latest edition, Translucent. So, whether you prefer to use SoloCem on its own or combined with One Coat 7 Universal you truly have just one stop for quality cementation.”

Nicolas adds: “The materials you use are fundamental to the quality of your dentistry. COLTENE is the producer and distributor of high-quality materials, as well as cutting-edge tools and devices for upgraded dentistry. It is committed to providing clinicians with superb outcomes quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively, without any compromise.

“In addition to products for general dentistry and a specialist endo line, COLTENE offers a whole range of solutions for the conservative, minimally invasive restorative treatments that patients prefer, reducing chair-time and increasing value while providing results that are aesthetically beautiful, as well as functional.

“Whether you are offering indirect or direct restorations, or delivering the whole treatment in one appointment, COLTENE has the best options for you.”

For more about the COLTENE portfolio, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 254 5115.