GDC guidance has said that a registered dental technician should oversee process workers.

DENTISTS are told, “If you prescribe a dental appliance to be made by a person in the UK who is not a registered dental technician, you may put your registration at risk. Equally, you may put your registration at risk if you receive a dental appliance made in the UK by a person who is not a registered dental technician.”

The recent spell of murky weather has cast a pall of gloom over the UK’s 2015 summer holiday season, but in comparison with the battering the General Dental Council (GDC) has been taking recently the rest of us are swimming in calm tropical waters.

In a recent performance assessment of nine healthcare regulators the GDC scored the lowest. This fact adds further misery to the existing woes of the beleaguered organisation, coming as it does so soon after its review court hearing and a House of Commons Health Committee hearing regarding its performance.