Straumann/Campbell Academy: The Business Course

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Straumann/Campbell Academy offer The Business Course

A spokesperson explains the benefits of The Business Course from Straumann and The Campbell Academy.

It is vital to ensure you choose a CPD programme that provides everything you need, all in one place. To meet this need Straumann and The Campbell Academy have designed The Business Course, a comprehensive programme that establishes and teaches the skills needed to run a successful, independent dental practice.

This course includes six two-day modules and grants 72 hours of CPD upon completion. Attendees are provided with exceptional content including experienced speakers, practical exercises and access to an online discussion forum. There will also be four online exercises that can be completed between the course modules.

Dentists are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of CPD within a five-year time period. Continued education helps dental professionals stay ahead of technological developments, learn relevant skills, and deliver exceptional, ethical treatments.

Continued education covers more than clinical and technical skills and techniques. Valuable CPD training such as The Business Course also covers the business side of successful dentistry, including the various considerations that must be balanced in order to run a successful dental practice.

There are the continuous efforts to gain and retain patients, keep the team motivated, and juggle administration. Additionally, in the current market, you need to be able to promote your business effectively and maintain an online presence. On top of all of this, you should be able to balance your professional and personal commitments to avoid stress and potential burnout.

With the many challenges that the profession has faced over the past two years, prioritising business growth and success may not seem important to you at the moment. But undergoing CPD education in this area can help you build a fruitful dental business plan and delegate time more effectively, in order to refine your brand and image.

All forms of CPD – whether it be during a conference or taking a course – do require spending dedicated time away from a busy working schedule, so you need to ensure that the payoff is worth it. Consider The Business Course for high-quality, in-depth training that can help you improve your business, nurture your skills, and boost your confidence; and all the while you will earning that all-important CPD and gaining a true competitive edge in your field.

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