Celebrating 10 years of the IAS Academy

Post Graduate Training
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IAS Academy first decade: “Excellence celebrated at the NEC”

Seen at the Show: The IAS Academy celebrated its 10-year anniversary in style at the first ever combined British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show.

An IAS spokesperson explained: “Having gone from strength to strength over the last decade, the IAS Academy is now a frontrunner in the manufacture of first-class orthodontic solutions and provision of a guided learning pathway, with appliances and training now available all over the world.

“From Spain to Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand, America, Romania, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and India, the IAS Academy is renowned for safety, quality, ethicality and effective results.

“The same stands in the UK, with many gathering at the recent British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018 to learn more about appliances and courses available. The event also provided a chance for visitors to learn more about wear, function and next level diagnostics, as Dr Tif Qureshi took to the conference hall to present an interesting lecture.

“If you’d like to find out more – or become a provider of an IAS Academy appliance – why not get in touch with the team today?”

For more information about upcoming IAS Academy training courses visit www.iasortho.com or call 0208 916 2024

For ClearSmile Laboratory enquiries visit www.clearsmilelaboratory.com/uk or call 01932 336 470