Waterpik’s Deborah Lyle presentations “Fantastic”

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Waterpik’s Deborah Lyle discusses oral health topics, generational dentistry, and education during the BDC and Dentistry Show

Seen at the show: The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show once again provided a platform for leading names within the dental profession to present their latest products and information to attendees. Featuring over 400 exhibitors combined with a diverse lecture programme, the show buzzed from start to finish.

Waterpik® provided a mix of informative lectures, product launches and useful information. Deborah Lyle (above) Waterpik’s Director of Professional and Clinical Affairs, hosted a number of lectures during the two-day programme, all of which were aimed towards helping professionals better understand both themselves and their patients better.

Presented across the Dental Nurses’ Forum and the Hygienist & Therapist Symposium, these lectures gave attendees the chance to ponder such topics as generational differences in dentistry and the biology of the oral cavity.

Deborah’s first lecture, entitled: “Oral microbiome: get those bugs out of my mouth!” explained the minutiae of different bacteria that live in the oral cavity and why this is the second most diverse microbial community in the body. Her key thesis was that it is better to achieve balance in the mouth than try to eradicate all plaque.
She also asked whether a better understanding of the oral microbiome would affect dentistry in the future and what impact this may have on treatment options.

Deborah’s second lecture: “Is there a generational gap in dentistry? How to treat patients from 8 to 98” detailed the differences between people who were born and raised in various generations. She also discussed whether these differences may affect how professionals should communicate with patients in the practice.

Deborah explored how attitudes have changed significantly over the years, and how, with the introduction of technology and wider usage of it, people are beginning to question suggested treatment plans instead of accepting them straight away.

Throughout her dissection of the six living generations she detailed the breakthroughs in dentistry that had occurred in each era, which helped illuminate how the general zeitgeist of dentistry had evolved throughout the years – alongside people’s changing mind-sets.

Deborah made it clear that these differences should be celebrated, and that there will always be people who don’t fit into any of these categories. Patients should not be judged by age and appearance alone; dental professionals must get to know them as people in order to offer the best care.

Janet Stalmeisters, a dental nurse, said: “It was a fantastic and very involving talk – a real 10/10. Deborah really got all of the age groups down and I found her presentation very relatable.”

Deborah’s third presentation: “That’s not what I learned at university: what successful clinicians do differently” was praised as “informative, fun and engaging”. It encouraged delegates to remember that there is always more than one way to do something, and that the things they learned at university may not always be applicable to real life.

Deborah highlighted the importance of continued development beyond education, and why planning your career development and exploring different pathways is a good way to achieve professional and personal happiness.

She also detailed how “going the extra mile” was an effective way to motivate both yourself and others to succeed – and the positive effect it can bring to the workplace. Deborah encouraged delegates to consider new treatment options that may not have been available to them when they first started their careers, giving patients more choice and ultimately better care.

Waterpik also launched its new Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser at the show. Visitors to the stand were encouraged to try the new product that not only flosses but also whitens teeth. Visitors could also earn CPD, while professional educators were available to explain and arrange Waterpik’s popular Lunch & Learn sessions in practices across the UK.

For more information, visit www.waterpik.co.uk.

Waterpik products are available from Amazon, Costco UK, Boots.com and Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.