A risky business: disinfection and decontamination

Post Graduate Training
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Dr Chris Whitworth presents the pre-conference course for everyone in the orthodontic team #BOC2018

“A dental team which carries out training in disinfection and decontamination together works best together.” So says Dr Chris Whitworth, a national expert in disinfection and decontamination who is providing a pre-conference course on this important topic for the British Orthodontic Conference on Wednesday September 26th.

It’s a repeat invitation for Dr Whitworth who was one of the most popular presenters at BOC four years ago. She is extending and updating her lecture to run a whole day with the title: Risky business – an update on disinfection and decontamination.

She will focus on aspects specific to orthodontics and aim to dispel the myth that disinfection is less important in orthodontic clinics than in general practice. “There is a misconception that because there is less blood spilt that disinfection and decontamination is much simpler in orthodontic clinics and team members can afford to be less stringent in their protocols.

“But everyone who comes into a practice brings their very own microbiome and microbiomes are keen to network. And, of course, orthodontic appointments are often shorter, so the clinic can have double the number of patients usually seen in general dental practice.”

Dr Whitworth will look at the way the public’s perception has changed towards safety as a result of the notorious Nottingham practice of Dr Desmond D’Mello, where poor disinfection standards were secretly filmed and then reported. More than 22k patients were recalled and tested to check they had not been infected.
D’Mello was struck off and one of his dental nurses was suspended indefinitely.

Dr Whitworth continued: “Reading about cases like this in the media has had a big influence on patients and, as a result, they are much more concerned today about disinfection and decontamination. It’s not just a question of doing the right thing, you have to prove that you are doing the right thing.”

She will be taking delegates through all aspects of disinfection and decontamination, from regulations to waste management, from infection risk to best practice in instrument decontamination. All delegates will receive five hours of CPD and also cover off a core CPD topic. By booking before July 15, the early bird deadline, delegates can achieve a discount of up to £40.

For more information or to book a place click HERE.