CALCIVIS lecture wows audience

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CALCIVIS amazes delegates at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018

Bruce Vernon, The Chief Technical Officer from CALCIVIS® and Amanda Gallie, Dental Therapist and President of the British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT) co-presented a fascinating lecture in the Hygienist & Therapist Symposium at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018.

Debbie McGovern, the chair of the Symposium presented CALCIVIS as “one of the most innovative things out there right now” before Bruce and Amanda enlightened delegates regarding the science of bioluminescence and how it can now be used for the early detection of calcium free ions on actively demineralising tooth surfaces.

Bruce and Amanda highlighted how difficult it usually is to identify active caries, before introducing delegates to the CALCIVIS imaging system. They explained how this cutting-edge device uses a unique, photoprotein to visualise the active demineralisation associated with caries and erosion at its earliest most reversible stages.

Delegates were shown the glowing maps of active demineralisation that can be displayed at the chair side and were delighted to see a whole new concept in the preventive management of caries and patient communication. They were also extremely receptive to the notion of the CALCIVIS imaging system as a safe, non-invasive new device that clearly supports preventive dentistry.

If you were not able to attend the lecture, why not discover more by speaking to the CALCIVIS team today?

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