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BACD Annual Conference 2018: Dr John C Kois Challenges of occlusion

Dr John Kois is passionate about teaching and helping practitioners achieve optimal results in clinical practice. For the first time in several years, he will be visiting the UK to join the world-class line-up of speakers at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) Annual Conference 2018, where he will present a lecture entitled, “Functional Occlusion: Current Challenges”.

Until recently, dental schools have spent very little time teaching occlusal concepts, leaving a huge gap in practitioners’ knowledge of this important subject. Outside of university, many sources of occlusal education teach the topic in a manner that can confuse students and these approaches often make the process of treating occlusion appear far more complicated than it should be. This is why Dr Kois dedicates a lot of time to educating dental professionals about the various aspects of occlusion, which he thinks is a difficult topic within the dental profession.

“This is because we, as practitioners, have learned how to avoid problems by ensuring single unit crowns ‘do not touch too much’, which is a risk management solution that works,” says Dr Kois. “However, this is not a concept that works occlusally in more involved cases, because the requirement is that teeth need to touch ‘just right’. In reality, this is actually more difficult to achieve.”

Dr Kois believes that understanding the role occlusion plays is important for the long-term success of restorative dentistry. He adds: “Our knowledge about occlusion has been based on gnathologic principles. These concepts are the basis of a mechanical system with focus on posterior determinants and mutual protection. If it is that simple, why can’t we predict when or why occlusal pathology develops and why can’t we always create a therapeutic occlusion?”

In order to answer these questions, Dr Kois’ lecture will focus on biologic principles necessary for developing a functional occlusion. He will present new paradigms to inform delegates’ understanding of occlusal dysfunction. Practitioners will be armed with the knowledge they need to predict more successful restorative results and will be able to recognise when complex treatment is not necessary.

“My lecture will build a concept of occlusion, based on available science, which will close the gap between ‘laboratory generated occlusion’ and ‘operatory required therapeutic occlusion’,” Dr Kois explains. “If delegates take one thing away, I hope that it is the importance of pathway versus guidance. Delegates will not go back to practice on Monday morning as the same dentist.”

Dr Kois is looking forward to meeting delegates at the BACD Annual Conference. He says: “As an organisation, the BACD has great vision and equally brilliant members supporting that vision. The Academy is always trying to help practitioners improve the delivery of oral health care, and I’m delighted to be part of its 2018 Annual Conference.”

The BACD Fifteenth Annual Conference 2018

The Functional Smile: Start With Why…

8th – 10th November 2018

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Kensington, London

To ensure you don’t miss out, visit the BACD website to book your ticket