Neoss: Dental Implants and Ucer Education

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Neoss implants and Ucer Education: A Perfect Partnership

As information becomes more accessible and public health education improves, more people are becoming aware of the important of oral health for their general well-being. They better understand how to prevent dental disease, and they know more about the various treatments available to improve the function and aesthetics of their oral condition when restorations are required.

Dental implants, for example, can offer a life-changing treatment by replacing missing teeth. Dental implantology has become the treatment of choice for many people searching for a permanent solution for their partial or complete edentulism.

In order to maximise clinical outcomes in a wide range of implant cases, it’s important to combine quality training and education with quality products.

Introducing Neoss

The Neoss system is designed to make dental implant procedures as simple as possible. Its patented implant design optimises stability in all bone qualities and conditions and eliminates the need for separate one- or two-stage designs.

Based on a single platform concept with one set of instrumentation and substantially fewer prosthetic components, the system’s simplicity drives high productivity, shorter chair time, and more satisfied patients.

Neoss solutions are suitable for all conventional treatment protocols, including immediate loading, advanced surgery, providing enhanced microstability, rapid early bone formation, and optimal graded topography. It helps achieve optimised inventory control, and superior outcomes for patients.

The Neoss implant system has demonstrated outstanding long-term survival rates, with low incidences of marginal bone loss or prosthetic complications.

It has become a strong brand within the global dental implant marketplace over the past 20 years, with key clinicians, academics and researchers associated with the product, helping guide future development and serving as ambassadors for the products.

The Neoss portfolio

The Neoss portfolio is supported by extensive clinical evidence and incorporates both straight and tapered implants, with short, wide and narrow options available.

These implants feature super-hydrophilicity as well as different levels of surface roughness on the flange and threaded body to facilitate the absorption of proteins and biomolecules onto the implant surface, optimising healing, stability and osseointegration.

The comprehensive range of abutments is compatible with the same screwdriver for convenience and simplicity. Each promotes a strong connection and natural emergence profiles to ensure excellent aesthetics. Further streamlining the workflow, the Neoss ScanPeg converts the anatomical healing abutment in-situ to an intraoral ScanBody for simplified and accurate digital scanning.

The Neoss implant system affords premium quality at an affordable price, making implantology more accessible to more patients.

Innovation and education

Innovation and education often go hand in hand. Dental professionals cannot use the latest solutions without sufficient information and training. An holistic understanding of the scientific, clinical and technical principles of implant treatment is essential for successful long-term outcomes.

Neoss recognises the need for both further education and practical experience with implant systems and digital dentistry by supporting clinical education and the principle of ‘lifelong learning’ around the world.

Which includes collaborating with training providers such as Ucer Education. Professor Ucer is well known throughout the industry and was our natural choice of ‘go to’ professional when we were organising a conference a few years ago.

Professor Ucer gave a lecture and performed live surgery, which can only be achieved in a venue with facilities such as those at ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute in Manchester. Since then, we have collaborated with him on a number of training events, including courses on GBR and, more recently, the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry.

Neoss’ aim is to provide innovative solutions and training that meet the requirements of modern dental professionals. Together, Neoss and Ucer Education’s partnership provides outstanding education to help clinicians achieve superior outcomes for their patients.

Clinicians, instructors and industry partners are ultimately working together in order to make outstanding treatment results a reality for more patients. Only together can we reduce treatment times, simplify the professional workflow, boost patient comfort and ensure long-lasting treatment outcomes.


This article was provided by Neoss. To discover more about the Neoss implant portfolio, go to For more information regarding Ucer Education visit or call 0161 237 1842.