Putting BOPT into Practice

Post Graduate Training
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A reflection on Dr Paolo Nardinocchi’s hands-on workshop during the 16th BACD Conference

With its world-class line-up of engaging speakers, the BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference provided a truly dynamic and insightful event for delegates from across the dental profession during a diverse three-day educational programme.

As in previous years, the Conference offered a broad gamut of topics for dental professionals interested in advancing the range of treatments on offer in their practice. From digital smile design and aesthetic challenges, to treatment planning concepts, dental implantology, and composite restorations – there was something of interest for everyone.

Among the speakers eager to explore the possibilities of the latest dental techniques was Dr Paolo Nardinocchi, who presented a hands-on workshop on “BOPT: Aesthetic Management of Peri-Prosthetic Soft Tissue”.

After graduating in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis from the D’Annunzio University of Chieti in 2002, Dr Nardinocchi went on to achieve his post-graduate qualifications in Implant Prosthesis at New York University in 2005.

He has become expert in dental implant surgery, periodontal surgery, and prosthetic and aesthetic rehabilitations. As well as attending numerous dental courses and conferences throughout the year, Dr Nardinocchi has become a noted international speaker.

Regarding his session during the Conference, he explained: “The Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique (BOPT) is a new approach for achieving periodontally healthy teeth using feather-edge preparation and the prosthesis itself to shape the gum. This enables the clinician to achieve the ideal aesthetic gingival architecture and long-term soft tissue stability following treatment.

“Maintaining soft and hard tissue stability over time – especially in aesthetic areas – has become a highly relevant topic within dental implantology. A new transmucosal implant with a convergent collar design has been developed to address the issues associated with maintaining soft and hard tissue stability, shifting the focus of BOPT on natural teeth to the prosthesis on implants.

“My session was about exploring the biological rationale of the convergence concept that is currently changing dental implantology and prosthetics. After my presentation delegates were better able to understand how a convergent collar implant design can help them achieve optimal aesthetics and tissue stability with regard to implants and natural teeth.

“I also demonstrated the ways BOPT and vertical preparation techniques can help simplify daily clinical procedures.”

Dr Nardinocchi added: “When delegates return to their practices on Monday morning, I hope they realise that preparing the teeth vertically is much easier than doing so horizontally. Furthermore, once they understand the biological principles behind the reasons the convergence concept works for the enhancement and stability of the tissues around implants and teeth, they will not go back to traditional procedures and concepts.”

Delegates also heard about the latest trends and developments in cosmetic dentistry from Dr Mauro Fradeani, Dr Mario Semenza, Dr Tony Rotondo, Dr Josef Kunkela, Mr Daniel Dunka, Dr Elliot Mechanic, Mr Phil Reddington, Dr Oliver Harman, Dr Julian Caplan, Dr Eric van Dooren, Dr Isabella Rochietta, Dr Koray Feran and Dr Luis Bessa.

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