BACD: The Pursuit of Dental Excellence

Post Graduate Training
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The BACD invites you to join its pursuit of dental excellence

Just fifty years ago, cosmetic dentistry was limited to invasive tooth preparation techniques to achieve the “perfect” Hollywood smile. Today, thanks to advances in the field, such unnatural-looking “tombstone teeth” are no longer the ideal.

Dental professionals can improve the health and appearance of their patients’ smiles using more conservative techniques, preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible and the profession can expect continued growth in the market as patient demand for treatment rises.

Patients are much more aware of the options available to them, and have high demands and expectations regarding treatment outcomes. Dentists face the risk of complaints and litigation unless they can demonstrate infallible record-keeping and obtain proper patient consent while delivering consistently high standards of treatment.

Following a pathway of professional development has never been more important; as is gaining an in-depth understanding of the latest – sometimes complex – procedures. Clinicians must understand how to use materials and technology in the most effective way to consistently achieve the best outcomes.

Using the most minimally invasive techniques dentist must learn to optimise dental aesthetics and function while also ensuring the smile is balanced with the overall structure of the patient’s face, which requires an in-depth understanding of restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics.

To meet such needs the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provides a training pathway through its Wheel of Knowledge, which is designed to guide practitioners towards an understanding of the core development criteria for cosmetic dentistry.

In addition, the BACD offers the chance to achieve professionally-recognised accreditation within the field, accreditation that distinguishes successful candidates for their clinical excellence while also enhancing the credibility of their cosmetic dental work among both patients and peers.

BACD members benefit from unlimited access to social and educational events, including Recommended Meetings and the Academy’s Annual Conference. Such events promote shared learning for the benefit of the profession as a whole, and embody the BACD’s values of “community, passion, innovation, collaboration, integrity and adherence to uncompromising ethical standards.”

By utilising the BACD education platform to build on experience and develop their expertise, members of the Academy are sought after by patients, who recognise the BACD as a leading authority for the delivery of safe, ethical and high-quality cosmetic dentistry. To discover more about the benefits of following the BACD pathway, visit