3M’s Tom Mackie: “Adapt and Excel”

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3M Oral Care’s Tom Mackie: The inevitability of change

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus

Humans are inherently good at adapting to new environments and situations. As a species, we have evolved significantly over the past few millennia, adjusting not only to survive, but to thrive. We have been through physiological, genetic and cultural changes, which have enabled us to meet the new demands we face.

Our ability to learn is key. Whether we’re learning new skills, acquiring knowledge to help us better understand our situation or learning from our mistakes, we are always growing as individuals.

Change in dentistry is just as inevitable

Anyone who works within the dental profession will appreciate the importance of being able to adapt to changing situations. Clinicians have been refining their techniques for decades in order to achieve better treatment outcomes and meet increasing patient expectations. To keep up, suppliers and manufacturers serving the profession have been tweaking their products and materials to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

In the past few months, we have all had to adapt to circumstances which pretty much turned our lives upside down. Now, we are tasked with adjusting to the new way of things and doing what we can to prepare for life to start getting back to normal.

Learning from others

Learning new skills and gaining new experiences are both integral to the development of the dental profession. Now more than ever, it is essential that individuals, teams and businesses have all the information, tools and support they need to care for patients.

The good news is that there is plenty of education to go around. While colleagues haven’t been able to physically catch up in recent times, online platforms have made it possible to stay connected. Clinicians have been able to review cases and discuss techniques or materials with peers, sharing best practice protocols and advice with peers across all disciplines.

Online forums and social media groups have come into their own to enable other members of the team to seek solutions to the challenges they are facing and find support from those who are in a similar position. Such learning has undoubtedly proven invaluable to many people who have taken on different responsibilities or joined different teams temporarily this year.

Educational resources

In addition, many companies, training providers and industry experts have provided access to educational content in one form or another to their customers and the wider profession. For example, an array of webinars is currently available for all members of the team to utilise.

These are perfect for anyone who is still at home, perhaps trying to balance their own work and professional development with a young family in the house or volunteering commitments. Many webinars are shown more than once or are archived ready for viewing at a time that suits you, so you never need miss out.

There are many other professional resources online that you may be interested in as well. 3M Oral Care is proud to be able to offer several web-based educational solutions designed to expand your knowledge and develop your skills in both business and clinical topics. For instance, Success Simplified ¬provides guidance on how to make restorative workflows quicker, simpler and more efficient.

Brain Floss is a new and regularly updated online blog with clinical articles and videos presented by leading experts in their respective fields. What’s more, Viva Learning provides an innovative learning portal dedicated to orthodontics, with more than 60 on-demand classes and over 20 product tutorials available. Follow 3M Oral Care on Instagram @3MOralCareUK for all the latest news, offers and product content.

Looking ahead

While we have seen some big changes this year, some things remain the same. Dental professionals are just as committed to supporting their patients, their communities and their colleagues as they ever have been. The way that so many adapted to help each other and other healthcare colleagues in recent months, has been inspiring.

As we all look ahead, there will likely still be several changes that we need to get used to. The structure of your business may change to cope with the current situation. The types of treatments you initially offer might be limited in order to meet the most urgent needs of your patient base. Whatever changes you face, remember that you are more than capable of adapting. Change is inevitable – with continued learning, education and support, you can adapt and excel:

Success Simplified:

The Brain Floss Blog:

Viva Learning: