Dr Susana Palma: Gain Bsurealigners Confidence

Post Graduate Training
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Dr Susana Palma is one of the founders of Bsurealigners: "Your guides to clear aligner confidence"

Fortune Business Insights says the global clear aligners market was worth $2.41 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $10.04 billion by 2028. Dr Susana Palma has recently co-founded Bsurealigners with a team of experts. Here she explains how they provide a different pathway to guide practitioners develop their confidence to treat with clear aligners and benefit from that income stream.

An increasing number of doctors have realised that clear aligner therapy is the future for orthodontic treatment. Patients request it more and you see the clear aligner/fixed braces ratio changing at an increased pace, with clear aligners progressively gaining a greater share of the market.

I lecture all the time, and I enjoy showing my peers how far we can go with clear aligners, even though I appreciate that some won’t be confident replicating what I do. There are a number of courses to that teach more about clear aligner therapy, and I would encourage you to continue with this valuable education.

It is important to appreciate what clear aligner therapy can do versus fixed braces and learn about the brands and companies that support them. But, if you have been practicing with fixed braces for decades, it is unrealistic to expect clear aligners to provide you with the same results after attending a few courses. Bsurealigners is not about that, it is more like traversing difficult terrain with the aid of an expert guide who can point out the safest route to success.

The Invisalign system’s 3D treatment planning provides superb results but you need to learn how to master the technique. Many orthodontists have acquired incredible knowledge and expertise with fixed braces, but effectively translating that insight to the lab technician for creating clear aligners is something that requires training.

Through Bsurealigners’ global training platform, practitioners can discuss their clear aligner cases with me, and my fellow orthodontic specialists Rafi Romano, Javier Lozano, Udo Windsheimer, and Nimrod Dykstein. We are from different countries and have received training from all over the world, so our experiences with clear aligner therapy are very broad and varied, expanded further by the challenges our patients have brought to the surgery.

After working with us individually and in small groups, doctors will be able to confidently make informed choices about the ways to best treat their patients and communicate with technicians, and be able to apply the tips and tricks we can offer with real peace of mind, knowing that their chosen treatment pathway will be validated by all of us.

At Bsurealigners, we want you to start using clear aligners safe in the knowledge that we are there for you, to hold your hand and guide you to the best possible outcome at your own pace – whether you have done zero Invisalign cases or 50.

In the same way that people need a personal trainer for fitness to help them avoid injury and to guide them in what works and what doesn’t, think of Bsurealigners as your personal trainer in clear aligner therapy.

You have tremendous potential to achieve – what you have already done with fixed braces shows that – but Bsurealigners is about receiving the right mentorship to help you confidently excel in providing clear aligner orthodontics.

Our members are mentored by the team through lectures, private sessions and a dashboard they can use to exchange ideas and share problems. The programme is structured, not as a series of lectures, but rather a workflow that provides our members with the tools they need to confidently ascend the ladder to treatment success, for them and their patients.

All sessions are recorded and available on the dashboard, meeting the needs of those who have difficulty viewing live due to time zone differences. Members can also enrol in private, one-to-one sessions or meet in groups of up to ten participants where they can discuss their own cases, outline their own ClinCheck plans, and share information with – and learn from – their peers.

A Bsurealigners’ subscription costs €100 per month. For more information, visit https://bsurealigners.com

Dr Susana Palma is an Invisalign Diamond II Provider and an exclusive orthodontist recognized by Invisalign Platinum. Dr Palma has a degree in dentistry from the University of Granada in 1998 and has been an Invisalign International Speaker since 2015.

Amongst her many accolades she has a Master’s Degree in Incognito System Lingual Orthodontics from the University of Valencia 2011 (1st Promotion of Specialists in Lingual Orthodontics of Spain) and is a Master of the passive self-ligating Damon System.

Dr Palma is also a Member of the Ortodoncis Group in Spain and has been a member of the Global Team Group in EMEA since 2017. Currently, she is a postgraduate professor at the University of Alcalá and the University of Salamanca.