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One to One Implant Education Postgraduate Diploma – the time is now

A spokesperson for the One to One Implant Education’s Postgraduate Diploma explains why the time has never been better to book for 2022’s course.

As a dental professional you may want to specialise to meet increased demand in a certain area. For example, the dental implants market is booming, thanks to emerging technologies and materials that have improved the predictability of treatment. Quality implant therapy is safe and efficient, offering beautiful, natural aesthetics, as well as mechanical strength and function similar to a natural tooth.

The quality of postgraduate training can vary, so look for accredited courses. Carefully check that the content offers the correct balance of theory and practical teaching. Technical skills must be combined with an education programme that will challenge you mentally and intellectually, encouraging you to question established theories and current concepts.

Consider funding and value. Ensure you have the financial means to complete the course and that it represents good value. When choosing the right postgraduate course for you, do not underestimate the importance of it widening your network of new contacts and friends and gaining you a mentor.

Not only are they often facing the same issues, but they might have found an alternative solution to a case that challenged you, or they want to hear what you did to achieve a successful clinical outcome under specific circumstances. This shared knowledge and sense of community can help you feel more engaged with, and motivated by, your work as part of a vibrant profession.

For accredited postgraduate training in implant dentistry, The One to One Implant Education’s Postgraduate Diploma is an ideal choice for those looking to take their career to the next level in 2022.

Overseen by leading clinicians and lecturers with unrivalled experience in the field, the course combines key factors to help you become a successful implant dentist. Training includes treatment planning, placement, soft tissue management, the laboratory/clinician interface, guided bone regeneration, full arch implant restoration and peri-implantitis.

Half the teaching time is dedicated to live surgery, and there is a tiered peer mentor system, with every delegate receiving a tutor who has also completed the course, and who will guide them long after training has finished.

If you are thinking about embarking on postgraduate training, there has never been a better time to enhance your ability to deal with changing patterns in oral disease and delivery of care, as well as sky-high patient expectations.

To reserve your place or to find out more, visit, or call 020 7486 0000