BACD Annual Conference: Diogo Alves

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Diogo Alves talks about SmileFy at BACD Annual Conference

One of the organisers explains: “One of the sessions at this year’s BACD Annual Conference is ‘In-Office 3D Smile Planning for Cosmetic Treatment Planning: An Interactive Hands-On with Anterior Restorations’ – hosted by Diogo Alves.

“A 3.5-hour workshop, this session will aim to teach attendees how to embrace the possibilities afforded through the SmileFy Digital Platform in a practical way, combining pertinent information and physical aspects of using this platform to ensure a comprehensive understanding.”

Diogo goes into more detail.

SmileFy is a smile design and digital treatment planning platform that enables dental professionals to strengthen the diagnostic view and improve communication and predictability during treatment, combining their clinical knowledge with digital smiles powered by AI technology.

It was created specifically for dentists to help improve patient communication and engagement by using the power of visualisation. Gone are the days where the patient can’t see the expected outcome of the forthcoming treatment. Digital dentistry is making it so that all this is accessible while the patient is still in the chair.

With smile simulations done in just two minutes and 3D digital wax-ups that make the proposed smile a reality, the patient is more confident knowing what is planned for the final restoration. I chose to do a hands-on session at the BACD Annual Conference because dentists work with their hands 90% of the time. Therefore, the easiest way to learn is through practice.

Hands-on workshops are most beneficial because every participant has the chance to experience the software and workflows in real-time. They’ll design digital wax-ups themselves and learn new facially driven protocols to implement into their digital treatment plans.

This way, they will gain the confidence to use the system themselves and hopefully be able to implement platforms like this into their everyday working lives.Cosmetic dentists have a real need to make the way they do dentistry more efficient.

All around the world clinicians are experiencing the same problems: inadequate methods of communicating with patients, slow case turnaround times, and often high laboratory costs.

We want to show these dentists that they can do more in their clinics. SmileFy is particularly good as it helps them to address all three of these concerns, not only by allowing patients to feel more involved and informed during treatment, but also by streamlining turnaround times and opening up new avenues.

Because of this, the main takeaway that I hope attendees will gain from my session is how to plan aesthetic treatments with low-cost processes and fast execution. I want to help them hone their skills and get exposed to new techniques that will facilitate more precise outcomes.

I will also demonstrate how they can differentiate themselves from others through the use of technology – it really does make such a huge difference for professionals and patients alike and can elevate every aspect of cosmetic dental treatment. AI is transformative. The evolution of AI technology has facilitated workflows for every dentist.

The future of AI in dentistry will continue to make digital workflows more accessible, faster, and more accurate so that clinicians are achieving impeccable results – that’s why clinicians should be embracing this technology now, to stay ahead of the curve.

BACD 18th Annual Conference 2022
On the Shoulders of Giants
10-12 November
ICC Wales, Newport

Visit for details and to register