Singing Dentist Launches SmileWise

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The Singing Dentist launches SmileWise, a dental awareness portal and practice network

The Singing Dentist has announced the launch of SmileWise, an online portal to help members of the public learn about dentistry and get personal advice on how to improve their dental health and aesthetics.

I love dentistry

It was 2015 when Dr Milad Shadrooh posted the first of a series of dental parodies of music hits. To date the Singing Dentist’s videos have been viewed over 200 million times worldwide. On a weekly basis, Dr Milad engages with his 600,000 followers, called the “Toothy Gang”, through Facebook Live events and Instagram stories. He was also voted the most influential dentist in the UK by dentists in a professional poll in 2017.

Dr Milad enthused: “I love dentistry, but I also have a passion for music and education. Being the Singing Dentist allows me to combine them all and because of the success of the songs, I have found myself in a position where I get hundreds of messages a day from people asking me about anything that relates to their teeth.

“My social media account seems to be a bridge between the consumer and dentistry, but I have been inundated with requests and I just can’t help everyone alone. That is where the concept of SmileWise began.”

So many hadn’t visited a dentist in years!

Through SmileWise, Dr Milad and his team aim to help many more people to discover and learn about dentistry in a more accessible way. There is a team of online ‘Smile Consultants’ to field questions – all of whom have a background in dentistry.

They are available to answer any smile or teeth-related question at any time via multiple channels including Whatsapp, Facebook, or even Skype. This can all take place from the comfort of the enquirer’s home and their advice is free and completely independent.

“I experienced first-hand how many people who contacted me had dental questions they just didn’t ask their dentist, and I was surprised to hear so many hadn’t visited a dentist for years! This is often due to a fear of the dentist but was also be because they were worried about the high costs of treatment. To have Smile Consultants engaging with people in a non-threatening environment is a great way to help them get the information they need to make a considered decision.

“We want that initial chat with our consultants, or reading the independent advice on the portal, to be a first step in helping people make up their mind about ways to improve their smile and dental health. Ultimately, it’s about the whole patient journey, and we are excited to be able to recommend people to our trusted partnering clinics because they value the patient’s experience as much as we do.”

Wise move

SmileWise has also started building a network of trusted clinics across the nation, and the partnering clinics are ready to see anyone who contacts them. Information about the clinics are featured on a dedicated page on the website allowing enquirers to find their nearest recommended practice.

To register an interest in joining the network please visit

SmileWise is now live, and Smile Consultants will be available to answer dental queries from the get go.