For Chaps: One for the Boys

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For Chaps stress relief supplement available on

Another tool in the pharmacy to aid dentists in their fight against the day-to-day stress of their jobs? But this one is strictly for the boys. (“For Chaps”), an online men’s wellness brand, has today (16th January) announced that its first product, a stress relief supplement for men, is now also available for purchase on Amazon.

For Chaps’ stress relief supplement contains 14 key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts which have been specially chosen with stress in mind. It contains 5-HTP which is the chemical precursor to serotonin which is often called the “happy hormone” and plays a key role in mood and sleep.

The supplement also provides all vitamins B’s, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. Other ingredients include ashawaganda and Korean Ginseng which have long been recognised in the field of herbal medicine as effective at combatting stress

The London-based company, which started in November 2018, declares itself committed to: “Educating men about their health and wellness, encouraging conversation, inspiring action and providing exceptional products.”

In fact, the team behind For Chaps aims to “challenge traditional perceptions of masculinity and make it perfectly acceptable to acknowledge wellness insecurities and do something about them”.

Founder William Paget explains: “Selling our new stress relief supplement on will enable our brand to be exposed to more men. This will enable us to push our message out further and encourage more men to join the conversation and action.

“Men need to understand that many of their health outcomes are driven by their lifestyles and preventative action is always better than getting treatment. Keeping stress under control now is important because there are a large number of health problems which result from stress including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, chronic inflammation, depression and insomnia.”

For Chaps plans to gradually increase its range of wellness topics to include sleep, hair loss, sexual health, skincare, health tests kits, and even pharmaceuticals.

William concludes: “The good news is that there is plenty that can be done to keep your stress in check and prevent some truly horrible health consequences from affecting you in the first instance. We’ve created some great content to educate men, encourage conversation and inspire action. We’ve gone further and created an innovative stress relief supplement for anyone looking for that something extra.”

To learn more about For Chaps or men’s wellness visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..