ADI says: no dentist is an island

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Joining the ADI opens doors to the wider dental implant community, read on…

Not counting referral cases, how often do you speak to professionals outside your practice? Every day? Once a week? Every few months? Can’t remember?

Connecting with the wider dental community is important for every dental professional – it provides an opportunity to discover new things, gain fresh ideas and form friendships. However, working in the surgery all day can lead to feelings of isolation, so it’s necessary to actively seek ways in which to network.

Attending conferences and exhibitions is a good start. They are a fantastic source of new ideas, often with an array of brand new products, technologies and innovations you can browse to broaden your thinking and improve the way you do things. The “wet fingered” dentist has the perfect opportunity to try out new materials or to watch live demonstrations performed by product experts.

These events are also a great platform for interaction with the wider dental community – you might catch up with colleagues you went to University with, meet those you attended courses with, or simply meet new people you would otherwise not have come across.

For the same face-to-face interaction, attending local study clubs can be hugely beneficial. These are usually held in the evenings or at weekends, when it is easier to work around surgery hours. They have the added advantage that they are much more focused on one or two specific topics as well, so you can better tailor your learning and ensure you get the very most out of the time you have.

In addition, online forums and groups can provide an even more convenient way of communicating with other practitioners who share your interests and passion. You might be looking for advice on a particular case, seeking recommendations for a new product or considering further training, and a simple post to a dedicated social media platform or online community could provide the answers you need quickly and easily. Importantly, all this can be done at a time and from a place that suits you.

For those interested in or already working with dental implants, the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) provides many options for you to get involved. With more than 2,400 members – including dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists / therapists and dental technicians – the ADI Members-only Facebook Group is the perfect platform for conversation, information sharing and advice. Committed to supporting professional education, the ADI also organises several events throughout the year, including the larger biennial ADI Team Congress and ADI Member’s National Forum, as well as the smaller ADI Study Clubs, ADI Masterclasses and ADI Focus Meetings, offering something for those of all experience levels within dental implantology.

Remember, no dentist is an island. Get involved with the dental community today.

For more information about the ADI, or to join, visit