BOS welcomes Orthodontic Sense

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BOS welcomes Orthodontic Sense, a new independent website for patients

A new website for patients called Orthodontic Sense is welcomed by the British Orthodontic Society (BOS), the UK’s leading organisation for the advancement of the science and practice of orthodontics.

Orthodontic Sense has been created by a team of four university-based dentists: Professor Kevin O’Brien, Professor Susan Cunningham, Professor Padhraig Fleming and Professor Zoe Marshman. The site went live in the week starting 22 January and has information about the different types of braces, and the benefits of treatment as well as some FAQs.

Richard George, Director of External Relations for BOS said: “Orthodontic Sense is based upon academic research and yet written in a clear and patient-friendly style yet it. It’s important for all dental treatments to be evidence based and we are grateful to the four Professors for examining and distilling the academic literature for the benefit of patients.”

Neil Hillyard, an orthodontic patient who contributes to the BOS Patient Panel and is the author of the blog, welcomes this new patient-focused resource that helps promote evidence-based orthodontics to patients considering orthodontic treatment.

He said, “There is a risk that patients become confused by the wide range of options for treatment available and this new resource helps patients gain a better understanding before making decisions about starting treatment.”