Dr Nigel Jones: Challenges for Advanced Dentistry

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New BSAD president Dr Nigel Jones outlines the challenges facing advanced dentistry

The new president of the British Society for Advanced Dentistry (BSAD) – Dr Nigel Jones – says the need for training and development of general dentists is stronger than ever. In an exclusive guest article for Dental Review Dr Jones points to a “demoralised” profession which needs inspiration.

Dr Jones, who is also Cohort Director for the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) (FGDP(UK)) Implant Diploma at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, says the FGDP(UK), and the BSAD, hope to provide that much needed inspiration for dentists to pursue opportunities that exist for “the good of their patients and their own fulfilment.”

He said: “The British Society of Advanced Dentistry aims to improve the quality of Dentistry practiced in the UK by inspiring and providing opportunities for colleagues to develop their skills and abilities. The society was established over thirty years ago by visionary general dental practitioners who recognised that there was no clear career pathway or stimulus to improve once general dentists had obtained their degrees.

“As a result of their forward-thinking the Faculty for General Dental Practitioners was established 25 years ago who now provide a series of Membership, Diploma and Fellowship exams enabling general dentists to bench-mark and develop their skills.

“As the newly-elected president of the society, I would argue that the need for training and development of general dentists is stronger than ever. Recent surveys describe a profession that is demoralised by what Martin Kelleher has described as “State-sponsored dental terrorism” [1], and the twin fears of litigation and our regulator, which has resulted in what A Al Hassan describes as ‘defensive dentistry’ [2].”

Dr Jones continued: “Anecdotes abound of colleagues referring patients to specialist centres for procedures that my generation would have thought as routine dentistry, of outrageous claims being settled rather than defended, and disproportionate sanctions on colleagues whose fitness to practice is questioned by the regulator. In such a climate, defensive dentistry seems sensible; but, is ultimately to the detriment of patients and dentists.

“The FGDP(UK) and the BSAD hope to inspire our colleagues to look beyond the parapet to the opportunities that exist for dentists with advanced technical and ‘soft’ skills to practice the dentistry they were taught at their dental schools for the good of their patients and their own fulfilment. The FGDP(UK) does so by providing aspirational standards, and the structure to achieve them. The BSAD works by providing a network of supportive colleagues with the same vision and ambition for high-quality dentistry.

“In pursuit of our aims we run two conferences a year and maintain a website and Facebook page to keep our members abreast of developments in advanced dentistry. Membership of the society costs £45 a year, and more information is available on https://bsad.website/. Dentistry is still a rewarding and enthralling profession for people with the vision and desire to continually improve, and those who take the biggest steps go the furthest.”


An international lecturer, Dr Jones works closely with over 40 referring dentists to deliver quality implant treatment and is the owner of Premium Dental Implants. He plans, places and restores over 500 implants from the Smiles Better dental practice in Abergavenny.

He is used to working with elite athletes having sponsored and treated double world champion and Olympic silver medal winner Becky James and Wales and British and Irish Lions legend Graham Price. As part of his referral work he has also been exclusively used to treat players and staff at former Premier League club Swansea City and leading Welsh rugby region – Ospreys.

For more information visit https://premiumimplants.co.uk/


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