“A Great Place to Start”

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Ameen Daywood praises the BACD Young Dentists Day Event

“I am currently in the process of deciding what aspects of dentistry I would like to pursue in the future – one of them being cosmetic dental practice,” says Ameen Daywood, the Dental Society President at Barts and The London Dental Society.

He continued: “In order to discover more about the field of cosmetic dentistry, I decided that – as a student – a great place to start would be to attend the BACD’s Young Dentists Day event.

“On the day, the presentations were very interesting and useful. They provided insights about certain aspects of dentistry that are not always covered on the BDS course at university, which was great for my development as a dental professional. I thought the speakers were amazing, clearly very passionate about their work, and I loved how they delivered the content of their lectures.

“I didn’t really know what to expect from Young Dentists Day, but this has worked out well because I was blown away by just how exemplary the event was. I really liked meeting cosmetic dentists who demonstrated that they enjoy the work they do day in, day out – they were all really friendly.

“It was also a great opportunity to meet likeminded dental students and recently qualified practitioners who are determined to educate themselves further and develop as a professional. This sort of mentality really resonated with me.

“I definitely left Young Dentists Day feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable about cosmetic dentistry. The event has not only motivated me to continue improving as a dentist, but it has also really encouraged me to consider pursuing a career in cosmetic dentistry. I am particularly keen to engage with the BACD community even more so than I already do.

“I would 100% recommend Young Dentists Day to any dental student or newly qualified professional. Attending the event is such a small commitment of your time and you gain a huge return on your investment. The chance to meet other dental professionals who are driven to become the best versions of themselves is a good enough reason to join Young Dentists Day – not to mention the high-quality educational content delivered at this event.”

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