ADI Focus Meetings 2020

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Learning from the good and the bad, we hear from the ADI

In all aspects of life, it is important for us to learn from both the good and the bad experiences that we have. We want to replicate the positive and take steps to avoid the negatives in the future. The same can be said for dental implantology – the profession is constantly attempting to build upon successes and reduce the risk of failures.

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is the go-to organisation for everything related to dental implants in the UK. It is an avid supporter of professional education and presents a variety of learning opportunities for both members and non-members throughout the year.

Among the events in 2020 will be the ADI Focus Meeting on Saturday 14 March in London. It will be the perfect place for dentists and their teams looking for guidance on how to optimise patient care and minimise medico-legal risks for the future.

Amit Patel, Chair of the ADI Sub-Committee organising the event, said: “The ADI Focus Meeting 2020 will be all about learning from mistakes. It will highlight the importance of individuals reflecting on their own work and seeking ways to improve everything from their techniques and materials to the patient experience delivered.”

Learning from mistakes is not a new concept. If we take a look back in time, it’s fascinating to see how many life-changing discoveries resulted from a mistake. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin after throwing away his previously failed experiments. The first pacemaker was developed by John Hopps when attempting to use radio frequency to restore body temperature, rather than artificially stimulate the heart.

Even a common household substance like Scotchguard began life after a chemist accidentally dropped a mixture she was experimenting with on her shoe and realised later that this prevented her shoes from getting dirty.

It is essential to minimise the risk of mistakes in the dental practice. Unintended events during a procedure can lead to serious clinical complications and pain for the patient, in turn often resulting in complaints and potentially significant legal problems. This is especially true when operating within the field of dental implantology.

However, no one is perfect and there will always be cases that don’t quite work out as hoped. Perhaps the final aesthetic outcome isn’t as good as you’d wanted, or maybe a restoration broke within a matter of months because you didn’t realise the patient was a bruxist.

It is these kinds of mistakes that are important to learn from. With a simple alteration to the diagnostic or planning stage of treatment, it might have been possible to prevent any issues. By identifying and implementing appropriate changes next time, clinicians can avoid making the same mistake again.

The ADI Focus Meeting 2020 will present speakers who will share their own experiences and provide advice to help delegates prevent and effectively manage medico-legal problems, should they occur. The line-up for the day includes Shaam Shamsi, Victoria Holden, Nicola Southern and Stephen Henderson, and topics include clinical record keeping, managing and diffusing complaints, and the role of communication in patient-clinician relationships.

Amit explains: “Our speakers include professionals both from within and outside of dentistry, providing diversity of ideas and demonstrating how all industries are influenced by mishaps and misjudgements. In addition to dental experts, we will hear from a royal navy helicopter pilot and a cardiothoracic surgeon, who will discuss how they learnt from and what they implement to avoid the repetition of problems.

“The aim of the programme is to inspire dentists to learn from their mistakes and those of their colleagues. It is just as important in dentistry as it is in other industries.”

Mark MacLeod and Richard Steyn will be taking to the podium to share their insights into the importance of learning through experimentation and from mistakes. They will draw parallels between their own industries and dentistry, giving delegates a fresh perspective on the subject.

If you are involved in the planning, placement or restoration of dental implants, the ADI Focus Meeting 2020 is not to be missed.

ADI Focus Meeting – IET Savoy Place London – Saturday 14 March 2020

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Body text photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash