Dr Otto Zuhr at the ADI Team Congress

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ADI Team Congress, Dr Otto Zuhr: “The case for a tunnel technique”

Entitled “The Great Debate: Current Dilemmas in Dental Implantology”, the ADI Team Congress 2021 will provide an opportunity for all members of the dental team to learn about emerging treatment concepts from colleagues.

Different perspectives, ideas and experiences will be brought to the fore, altogether helping delegates to make informed decisions about the clinical procedures they use in practice.

Dr Otto Zuhr will be making the case for a tunnelling technique as part of the Plenary Programme in the session dedicated to “Correcting Soft Tissue Defects Around Dental Implants”.

He says: “During my presentation, I will show why a tunnel technique can be a good option in specific situations. I will explain how the technique can be performed and transferred from teeth to dental implants.

“Delegates will also see that that are clear indications (and contraindications) for the technique, so they should leave with a better understanding of its advantages and when it is most appropriate.”

ADI Team Congress 2021
“The Great Debate”
6-8 May 2021, Manchester Central

For more information, visit https://www.adi.org.uk/congress21/

ADI members can attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates. To discover more about membership, go to https://www.adi.org.uk.