ADI: New Membership Benefits & 2022 Congress

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ADI outlines its latest membership benefits and educational opportunities

An ADI spokesperson explains:

The ADI now offers members free access to an ADI script for implant consultations on Kiroku. This is a digital note-taking solution designed to support high-quality, efficient and stress-free records. Dr Shushil Dattani (top) ADI Regional Representative for South East England, has been instrumental in adding Kiroku to the already impressive list of membership benefits.

He has been using the platform in his own practice for over a year now and says: “Implant dentistry has always been fairly litigious. Record-keeping is essential, but good records take time. I found Kiroku saves valuable time for clinical record taking.

“It is very intuitive, offering a script – which has been guided by the FGDP(UK) clinical record keeping standards – to simplify the process and help with potential litigation. Being able to offer this Kiroku template for free to ADI members is amazing.”

Apicectomy vs dental implants – Irene Amrore addresses ADI Members

Dr Irene Amrore (below left) is one of several ADI Webinar presenters to have created content for ADI members to access at their convenience. With regards to her session, entitled “Apicectomy or Implant: Should We Delay Implant Placement?”, she says: “Where it is appropriate, an apicoectomy affords several key benefits. For example, it enables the clinician to conserve the natural tooth so that it might be kept by the patient for an unknown number of years.

“This, in turn, can delay the need for dental implants – a treatment that clinicians know is not without its own potential complications. I hope that colleagues will use the information I cover to avoid extracting every tooth with apical pathology. Some teeth can be saved – if not for the remainder of the patient’s life, then for a few more years.

“It is still well worth putting in the effort to conserve the tooth.”

Making the case for ridge preservation

Daniel Thoma (above right) will be speaking in the Plenary Programme at the ADI Team Congress 2022, making the case for ridge preservation in the treatment of the failing dentition.

He says: “In the right cases, the key benefits of ridge preservation are the ease of treatment and the reduced need for guided bone regeneration at dental implant placement. Clinically, this approach maintains the ridge profile of both the hard and soft tissue for enhanced aesthetics.”

Entitled “The Great Debate: Current Dilemmas in Dental Implantology”, the ADI Team Congress 2022 will offer a platform for discussion and evaluation of emerging clinical techniques and concepts.

About this format, Daniel adds: “This is an interesting event design since the speakers will be challenged as well as delegates. They have to defend their option/therapy so delegates can make their treatment decisions based on the data/cases presented.”

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ADI members will be able to attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates.

ADI Team Congress 2022
“The Great Debate”
26-28 May 2022, Manchester Central

For more information, visit